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  • Cetasikas (April 5th 2015)

  • Print status:

    • First published 1999 ISBN 1-897633-18-1

    • Revised edition published 21/4/14 ISBN 978-1897633-30-4

  • Author: Nina van Gorkom

  • Keywords: Abhidhamma; theravada buddhism; buddhism; theravada; tipitaka;

  • Publisher: Zolag

  • Editor: Alan Weller

  • Year: 2015

  • Collection: opensource


Cetasika means belonging to the mind. It is a mental factor which accompanies consciousness (citta) and experiences an object. There are 52 cetasikas. This book gives an outline of each of these 52 cetasikas and shows the relationship they have with each other. It will help the student have more understanding of the intricate operations of the mind enabling the development of good qualities and the eventual eradication of all defilements. It will help to understand that citta and cetasika act according to their own conditions and that an abiding agent (soul or self) is not to be found. The book assumes some previous knowledge of Buddhism.

Creative Commons license: Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0